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Specialising in complex major projects, John Reilly have provided a wide range of services to a range of clients in both the public and private sectors but predominantly work for developers now.
Generally contracts will include the construction of roads and sewers for private housing developments, all groundworks, shell and core construction, harbours & sea defences, demolition, land remediation, sewage treatment plants, bridges and waste management solutions.
To maintain excellence and ensure a sustainable approach, we prefer to become involved in projects at early design stage, develop smarter ways of working together and to explore value engineering possibilities.
John Reilly Civil Engineering have major offices covering the vast majority of the UK with offices located in Lancashire and Hampshire.
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John Reilly Civil Engineering Ltd was established in 1986 by three brothers initially as a Civil Engineering and Groundworks Company which has developed into a sophisticated business that provides an array of quality products and services to Construction Companies and Construction Clients. 80% of John Reilly Civil Engineering Ltd is now owned by the employees under an Independent Employee Ownership Trust. The remaining 20% is owned by the Reilly family.
Initially, the principal area of operation was Hampshire and Dorset, ultimately expanded to include also the counties of Kent, East and West Sussex, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Surrey. In 1992 a further office in the North West was established, which currently envelops the entire North-West, to include North Wales and Yorkshire. The Company has and will carry out projects 'out of region'. Historically the Company has included in its client base most of the major house builders in the UK.
Although the Organisation has grown over the years in terms of complexity as well as output, the majority of its Staff and Principals of its workforce have remained with the Company for more than a decade. This varying experience instilled an unparalleled depth of knowledge, proficiency and flexibility into all of our longer-term incumbents.
We achieved a major step towards improving the quality of its products and services to Clients by incorporating UKAS accredited ISO Standards to both our Southern and Northern offices in December 2002 and 2013.
Primarily due to the wide-ranging experience and expertise of the Company's management team our product portfolio now includes Major Highway Construction, Commercial Buildings, Shell and Core Construction, Harbours, Sea Defences, Reinforced Concrete Substructures and Superstructures.
  • The fundamental Principle is that all employees, including directors, of the Company and its wider group should work together with mutual respect so that they benefit from their labours.
  • The Company aims to attract and retain as employees individuals of ability and integrity, each of whom is committed to working with his or her colleagues in a manner and with a purpose which is consistent with these Principles. Relationships between Employees, and between Employees and other stakeholders are based on the fundamental Principle which may be achieved through teamwork, commitment, trust and respect. The aim is to provide a workplace where Employees want to come to work to create a successful business.
  • Employees shall share with all directors and shareholders of the Company the responsibilities, as well as the rewards of ownership and will promote the business with customers, suppliers, contractors and the wider community in which it operates.
  • Employees shall deal with customers and suppliers of members of the Company with honesty, integrity and in a manner consistent with the company principles.
  • Employees shall aim to ensure that the Company contributes to the wellbeing of the communities in which the business of the Company operates.
  • Everybody works together as a team, takes pride in the company and workmanship, promotes and adheres to Health & Safety and wellbeing on site, keeping the work activities clean, tidy and safe.
  • Employees help one another and bring on younger workers by teaching them your skills.
John Reilly Chairman
David Reilly Financial Director
Jamie Austin Regional Managing Director (North)
Rob Jones Commercial Director (South)
Lee Williams Regional Managing Director (South)
Yip Lieu Accounts Director
David Hutchinson Commercial Director (North)
80% of John Reilly Civil Engineering Ltd is owned by the employees under an Independent Employee Ownership Trust. The remaining 20% is owned by the Reilly family.
The Board of Directors will do the day to day running of the business and major decision making. All of our managers and supervisors are friendly and eager to serve, with virtually all of our upper and middle managers having a formal construction qualification. Our organisation is structured into teams of people, dedicated to the needs of the Company's Clients.
We try to promote a 'Culture of Partnership' in all Client relationships. Whilst we take the view that true partnership will always have a firmer basis in trust than in contract we remain aware of and understand the difficulties associated with the establishment and maintenance of this trust, especially at a commercial level.
Our staff are continuously encouraged to supplement and develop their skills and to propose and implement any new innovations identified. Staff training is given high priority and is organised in response either to the request of an individual member or an identification of an organisational need. Training is only effected when Management is convinced that the Company's products and services can be consequently improved or enhanced in some way. Seminars, which apply to our realm of activity, are attended as a means of acquiring useful information. CPD (Continued Professional Development) is promoted.
At John Reilly Civil Engineering Limited we do not just talk Health and Safety, we work to improve standards within industry forums.
The Company Safety Policy forms the backbone of our corporate culture and ensures that Health and Safety is not a 'bolt on' extra but the fundamental feature of our day-to-day activities.
As part of our risk management procedures general and project specific health & safety information is communicated to our Workforce and Sub-contractors in various forms by our Site Supervisors.
Our Safety Director is supported by a dedicated Health & Safety Department with professionally qualified advisors, who are corporate members of their respective institutions.
We are founders and/or actively support the following Health & Safety Groups:
  • Hampshire & District Construction Health & Safety Group.
  • Merseyside & Cheshire Construction Safety Group.
  • North West Safety Initiative.
  • Strategic Forum for Construction, Plant Safety Group (Chaired by Construction Plant Association).
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